Are you ready to bring the biography back to your bio?

  1. Start by pressing at the top left to sign up!
  2. After you sign up visit your settings page by pressing again.

    *You can customize your profile title, bio, and choose to add an embedded link or not!

  3. Press then press your username at the bottom to visit your profile!
  4. On your profile you can add new links to social medias or any website you want by pressing the new link button in the bottom left.
  5. When you are ready to #FreeYourBio just copy the link to your profile (freeyourbio.com/yourusername) and put that in your bio or website link!


#FreeYourBio was created because social media bios are being consumed by links to other social media, websites, YouTube videos, etc. These bios often have limited characters which causes you to run out of room to talk about YOU, especially when you have other things in your bio.


#FreeYourBio is still in development with many cool features to come. Follow us for the most recent updates and some free shoutouts :D !